An Absolute SEO Guide for WordPress Developers

Google has been very persistent with its upgrades. Every now and then you come across that a new Google update is in the market. However, since Google has lately altered its index with its hummingbird upgrade, no bigger change has come forward.

As the matter of fact, every latest Google upgrade leaves a high impact on rankings of the sites.

And in the present day, where there are a big number of sites that are being operated by WordPress, we are going to post useful tips on retaining your WordPress site’s ranking up-to-the-minute without permitting any new upgrade affect your rankings.

Getting begun with SEO:

Every website wishes to be on top of search results of the Google and why not? After all, it is one sure-shot way of gaining constant real traffic. However, there is 1 necessary thing about SEO i.e. there is no short path to getting better rankings overnight. As a matter of fact, the Google Hummingbird upgrade has altered Google works today. It has come intimate to the condition of flexible learning today.

Having being in SEO market for really some time now, woocommerce development companies have seen that there is zero fast way of executing it. There are no corners or no back alleys and not loopholes to quicker and better the rankings. You can’t cut the chase and be on the top of results.

SEO tips for WordPress Developers:

1. Optimize your images:

You possibly have found yourself in the situation where you know what you are searching for through the Google images. The reason? Well, some things are simpler to seek through Google images. There are a number of WordPress sites that attract steady traffic to their sites from Google images. A latest study by Kissmetrics has proved that the images’ captions are read 300% more than the generic content of post. Hence, make sure that your images are well optimized for the search engines.

2. Make correlating posts your good friends:

A web consumer tends to read the blog that is easy to reach. Hence, it is always suggested to show correlating posts below your each blog post. It also cuts down your site’s bounce rate and raise the user engagement.

3. Optimize your website for speed:

Google’s latest study displayed that only 1/2 of web consumers waited for not more than fifteen seconds for site to load. Web consumers tend to deny a site if it takes more than three-five seconds to load. If your webpage takes more to load, you better need to optimize it to not lose a chance to convert the visitors into potential customers.

4. Responsive layout:

Mobile usage is rising at a quick pace. According to a latest study, more than 28% of site’s traffic is through Smartphones. The number is specifically higher for online business and hence, it is always suggested to have a woocommerce development company to develop responsive website design which makes your website presentable enough.